Teacher`s Appreciation Day

On Thursday 3rd of September this year, we had Teacher`s Appreciation Day or called “Wan Wai Kru” in Thai. Wan Wai Kru is deemed to be one of the most important days for teachers in Thailand. It is the day that students take this opportunity to show their appreciation and gratefulness to their teachers. On that day students mad their own trays decorated with incenses and candles for boys’ and flowers for girls’. The class representatives presented the trays to their homeroom teachers with a very nice manner.

We sang the Thai song “Phra-Khun-Thii-Saam”, which talked about how important the teacher was. It was so nice. The students who were selected from Elementary, Middle, and High school read the message to the teachers. After that the teachers tied the white strings on the students’ wrists and gave them blessings along. That was so nice. Also, there was a special performance form senior.

They made up their own song and music for the teachers. In Thai class, we had opportunity to make the garlands to give to teachers. However, the teacher told us that we could also give to our parents as the parents are our first teachers in our lives.

I like Teacher`s Appreciation Day because it is a good opportunity for students to thank the teachers. Some people might be shy to thank their teachers. I also like giving the flowers to the teachers because I think it is better than just say thank you to them. Giving flowers was more touching in my opinion. Overall, it was a wonderful activity.

Ioru G. 10N

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