Math Olympic 2015


  1. What was the goal of your Assembly/Activity?

The main goal was to provide students with a fun opportunity to reflect on what they have learned in Math in an active and competitive way. The second goal was to encourage teamwork.

  1. Did you achieve your goal? How do you know?

Yes. Because most students showed interest and worked together to solve the problems. Students answered the questions correctly and timely. They got very happy if they won or very sad if they lost.

  1. If you had to do this Assembly/Activity again what would you change?

First, I must know if I have to do it. Second, I would plan in advance. Third, I would have a meeting with NIVA teachers.

  1. How did your Assembly/Activity connect to our SSLGs?
  • On-Going Learning Strategies and Attitudes: Students applied what they learned in class in a fun activity.
  • English Language and Communication Activities: It was a teamwork and they used English to communicate.
  • Citizenship and Responsibility Lessons: They were rules involved and they had to respect them.
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