Loy Krathong Celebration

Loy Krathong this year was held on Wed 25th November with Assembly B schedule instead of whole day. There was a different activity from last year which encouraged students to work together as a team which is “A Made-to-Wear Recycled Costume Contest” for grade 4 to grade 11 and a Recycled Costume Decoration Contest for grade 1 to grade 3.

We won the second prize and we were proud of this so much as we had worked hard on this. There was also a surprise in the opening of the ceremony, the foreign male teachers performed as characters of the Thai historical movie based on the true story, “Bang-Ra-Jan”. There was a loud scream with joy and fun.

There was also Thai instrument playing along by a few students form elementary and secondary and a Thai teacher while the opening. It was nice. Then everyone who are students, parents and teachers made krathongs together till the event ended.  It seemed too small area using the assembly hall for this event as we needed to move around while making krathongs.

Overall, it was nice. However, if it could be the whole-day event, it would be great!


by Kheang G. 7

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