Secondary School Field Trip

The 5th of December is King’s birthday which is also Father’s day in Thailand. The special day that reminds me one more time how much my father is valuable and precious to me. This year, NIVA decided to go to plant mangrove trees in Samutsongkhram province. This is one of the King’s projects. Before when the tsunami happened, some people could survive because mangrove forest blocked the flood for them. Mangrove trees live in sea water so they could absorb much water so the situation didn’t go worse. So planting mangrove trees is not only for us but also for the next generations. I think this project is good and matches with Father’s day because we could feel how fathers feel. ‘Sacrifice’, if you heard this word, what’s coming up to your head? NIVA students and teachers sacrifice us for helping other people. We worked happily because we did not work for our benefit; instead, we worked for other people. That’s how father feels to us. Father is like the wall that blocks us from strong wind, father is a house that always there for me, and father is my shadow that never lets me go. He is happy just because I am happy. 4th of December, we – NIVA students and teachers – were happy because we imagine that people that live there will be safe. This field trip made me more understand about my father.

The field trip was held on the 4th of December but we prepared 2 weeks before the field trip day. School sold ‘Go Green For Dad cap’ for this field trip. The profit that school got goes to charity. So I bought it for charity for government. In Thai class, Ms.Phao explained the class about introduction of the field trip. We needed to wear a shirt and pants that could get dirty and long socks because we were going to get in water for planting mangrove trees. We needed P.E. or NIVA 91 for changing when return to school too. I had no doubts or worries about the field trip because every plan was set up and I just needed to follow it.

The field trip day, it took 3 hours to arrive there. Even I arrived there after 3 hours sitting in the bus, I felt better when I got off the bus. Because it looked like the country side and I could see the river with many trees. First, we listened how to plant the mangrove trees. It was important because if we don’t know how to plant them then it will be worse than doing nothing. Then we went to the boat to move to the area of planting the trees. It took about 10-15 minutes. I liked the boat because I could see good views and local lives such as houses, jelly fish, trees, and sea. After getting there, we got off and started to plant the mangrove tree. My foot felt so strange. It was like mud and every each step I took, my foot went in deeper. It was kind of hard to move. I walked to stick thing then made a hole and planted the mangrove. Then I tied it with the stick to make sure it would grow up. It took only like 30-40 minutes but it was very priceless time.

This field trip was a good experience and memorable with my friends. It made me think about my father also. We sacrificed ourselves for the trees and we got good memories and experience. Sometimes working for other is better than seeking for our own benefit. 4th December, NIVA students and teachers worked hard and the people in that town will remember us. We did not work for us, but for the next generation and we have found real happiness as planting mangrove trees.



Gibeom Park: Grade 10G

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