A Birthday and an Idea!

January 12, 2017 was a wonderful day. A grade 4 student, Gracy, was celebrating her birthday with her classmates with pizzas and cake. What was already exceptional became extraordinary. As 4th grade students, conscious of the importance not to waste food, were generously offering their leftover pizza slices to teachers and students of other grades, they had to face the dire reality that everyone was full. As they slowly began to reflect on the possibility to keep it, all changed when Mr. Anthony, the owner of the school, suggested they sell it after school.

Going back to their class, they had the visit of Mr. Gabriel who triggered their reflection by reintroducing the concepts of loss and profit. Though the lesson should have been an English one, seeing the wonderful opportunity for an authentic learning activity, their homeroom teacher used the lesson to let the students complete the required calculations to ascertain they would make profit.

The end result was simply outstanding; not only did the grade 4 students sell all of their pizzas, they managed to generate profit while at the same time reimbursing the parents who had bought the pizzas, and bringing home with them a wonderful experience.


by: Mr. Philippe


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