Cultural Field Trip

This was the first cultural field trip in NIVA and is very important to teachers and students. Students go there and study and learn about Thai culture. The Field trip was held on February 7. This day, students who received a GPA higher than 3.75 received a reward to go on a cultural trip. The Thai cultural event was located at Chandrakasem Rajabhat University.

Students learned about the different types of food that King Rama 9 loved to eat, including the variety of spices and flavors. They also learned how fabric is decorated.

Mrs. Garshashbi informed us about the  Thai culture, while Mr. Freddy helped and supervised the students. The students followed the instructor from the beginning until the end. After the tour, all the students returned to the school. At that time, weasked some students to share their opinions about the trip. And they said, “This was a good experience and I want to go again!!”

This field trip was successful for all students who went on the field trip, especially the foreigners who weren’t familiar with Thai culture. –By Hyeok Jin Choe (Timmy), Grade 11N

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