Music Challenge

Niva’s Dance Troupe and Pop Band partook in the “KPIS Music Challenge 2017: Singing, Band, and Dance Contest.” The contest was on Friday the 24th of February, a highly recognized music competition, which involved participation of about 20 schools around Thailand. The audience was wild with hand waves and clapping as they cheered for NIVA’s first performance.

The High School Pop Band “Diamond is Punk”, performed the song Sunday Morning by Maroon 5. After the lively band and singing contests, the dance competition began. NIVA’s dance troupe went in a “Joker” theme which tantalized the viewers with the haunting tunes and synchronized movements.

With the crowd on the edge of their seats, all the “Jokers” were killed as “Batman” emerged in the finale of the song, along with a burst of clapping and whooping from the audience.

Although NIVA did not win the challenge, it was a memorable experience and our performances made certain other schools will not forget us. –By: Natasong Yuan, Grade 10G

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