Niva’s Got Talent 2017

Gifted and Talented students are anything but few and far between in the halls and classrooms of Niva International School. The school body was thrilled and amazed by the performances of Niva’s most talented students.

From the absolutely energetic band performance from Chopin, Pok, Perth, and Ford to U – Jean’s tranquil piano performance, these students proved that they are much more than what they appear to be. But the students were not the only ones who proved their worth; Mr. John’s and   Mr. Freddy’s air guitar skills surprised everyone. Mr. David stunned the crowd as the lead singer of his Grade 10 band.

First place went to Aaron’s beautifully jaw dropping piano performance. Second Place went to Ioru’s rhythmic and daring drum solo. Lastly, third place was won by the Grade 9 boy band.

Although not every performance could be considered the very best, they are nothing short of great works by talented and brilliant students. –By: Jakob Meyer Herman, Grade 11G

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