Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)

The Grade 3 English class in the last couple of months has been discussing topics related to moral values. Mr. Patrick asked the big question in class, “What does RAK stand for?” This then turned into a discussion about how we make people’s lives better. The class then started a class list with everyone’s name on it so if anyone did something nice for someone, the person who experienced the kindness wrote about what the person did for them and how this made them feel.

Just recently, one of the Grade 3 students, Bianca, came and asked if she could start a business of selling her ideal product, squishes and slime, during her break time and lunch time. Bianca with the entrepreneurial spirit designed her business plan, set up her stall and was selling her product. Bianca’s strong sense of moral values, kind hardheartedness and business made her very successful and is now going to donate the money to a village that she has been to. At this village there are many people without many things but due to Bianca’s efforts, they will soon be able to have more than they did before.

Bianca did a selfless act of kindness and is doing this to enrich people’s lives without asking for anything in return = RAK (In Thai, it also means, “Love”.)

Congratulations Bianca!


By: Patrick Guerin – Grade 3 Teacher

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