Niva is #1 in Thailand & #3 in Asia

Congratulations Niva! We won first place in Thailand and got third in Asia. This is truly a remarkable achievement for our students. They have worked so hard and sacrificed their free time to get to the top. We are fabulous!













“I have bonded with my classmate who participated in the competition,” said Ken, a participant in the Asia Math Contest. He got ready by “finishing the work the teacher set before then preparing for the contest” during various subjects throughout the day. “It is fun to compete because I want to win over my friends and others in the school”.  As for Mr. Freddy, on of the coordinators and math teacher, “The students have the opportunity to gain their knowledge, to challenge themselves globally, review, know their weaknesses, and compete!” He thinks that students who are interested, should give it a try. If there is something new you have not heard about, do not attack it, but try it.  –By Moon, 10G

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