Niva Heritage Week 2017

Niva International School will hold its annual Heritage Week from November 6-10, 2017, to celebrate diversity of cultures around the world. Each class has been assigned to represent one country from around the world. An open house for all parents, students, and teachers will be held on November 10, where students and teachers will dress up according to their countries and present their countries through dance, speeches, singing, etc., and also offer food or sweets from the country they represent. These are the following countries per class:

 1G – France
 1N – Mexico
 2G – USA
 2N – Thailand
 3 – Egypt
 4G – Singapore
 4N – Brazil
 5G – Canada
 5N – Kenya
 6 – United Kingdom
 7G – China

 7N – Japan
 8G – South Korea
 8N – Malaysia
 9G – Russia
 9N – Italy
 10G – India
 10N – Lebanon
 11G – Turkey
 11N – Spain
 12G – Iran
 12N – Germany

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