Admission Procedure

Admissions Criteria

NIVA accepts students who meet the following requirements:

  1. Male and female students from 1 ½ – 17 years of age of all nationality, race and religion.
  2. Meet the chosen class level academic preparedness and English language fluency for all mainstream admissions.
  3. Be willing to be admitted as an ESL student in Intensive English (IE) or Language Support (LS) programs if the English language proficiency does not meet mainstream admissions. The duration in the ESL program ranges from one semester to two school years depending on the ability and performance of the student


Nursery                                        2 years to 3   years old

Kindergarten                              3  years to 5   years old

Elementary                                 6 years to 11 years old

Secondary                                    12 years to 17 years old


Note: Students who have had serious disciplinary problems in their previous schools, such as smoking, drug or alcohol abuse, fighting, etc. are not eligible for admission at Niva IS. An admitted student can be dismissed for any falsification. (Please refer to Student Behavioral Code).

 Open admission for new students year-round.


Admission Process

STEP 1 Visit the school 

  1. Call 02-948-4605-7 to make and appointment to visit the school
  2. School tours can be arranged on all school/working days

Morning      :    09.00 – 11.00 am.

Afternoon    :    1.00 – 2.00 pm.

  Note: Working day on Monday to Friday except public holidays

STEP 2 Placement Test

  1. Take Placement Tests (Math and English)
  2. Student Interview
  3. Parent Interview
  4. Enroll & Pay Fees

Note: 5,000 Baht fee for placement testing and application process.

STEP 3 Registration

  1. Complete the application form (Download Application Form)
  2. All fees paid by set deadline
  3. Purchase school uniforms
  4. Install E-book, Receive Books  and  make student ID card at Student IT Service Department
  5. Receive Niva Handbook from Admission office and meet your homeroom teacher
  6. Student & Parent Orientation 

Note: If you need further information or clarification, please inform the admissions staff to make arrangements.


Placement Test

NIVA uses the Stanford English Language Proficiency Test (SELPT) and the Stanford Math Achievement Predictors (SMAP) to evaluate the English language and mathematics ability of the student. International and Thai students are required to take the same tests.  There are four levels of the SELPT:

  • Primary level for Kindergarten to grade 2
  • Elementary level for grades 3-5
  • Middle School level for grades 6-8
  • High School level for grades 9-12

The SMAP has eight levels, one for each entering grade level for K-8.  The SMAP level 8 post-test is used for entering grade 9. Mathematics tests for entering Grades 10 -12 are designed by the Niva IS Mathematics department.

Admission Placement

The Placement Test results will be available within five working days.  The criteria for the placement shall be as follows:

Grade Levels





Grade Levels





Grade Levels





Grade Levels






60 +

65 +

70 +

75 +

Language Support

45 +

50 +

55 +

60 +

Intensive English

30 +

35 +

40 +

45 +

To be discussed

29 and below

34 and below

39 and below

44 and below

Note:  Nursery, K1 and K2 students are accepted without any placement test but they must be brought to the Kindergarten head teacher for a simple verbal test. K3 students are required to sit for the SELPT when entering grade 1 but admittance is usually granted unless the student has a physical learning disability for which Niva IS not able to provide support.


Application Forms

Documents required for our admissions procedure

  1. Complete Application Form (Download here)
  2. Completed Student Enrollment Agreement Form (Download here)
  3. Completed Financial Agreement Form (Download here)
  4. Completed Medical Examination Form (Download Page 1), (Download Page 2)
  5. Drawn map to your home or residence
  6. Copies of previous school records and transcripts
  7. Copy of Home Registration (Thai only)
  8. Copy of passports parents (Overseas)
  9. Non-Immigrant Type “Ed” Visa of student (Overseas)
  10. Copy of Birth Certificate or passport for age verification
  11. Copy of ID card (Parent & Student)
  12. Two 1.5-inch photographs of student
  13. One 1.5-inch photographs of parents
  14. Download all forms here


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