RenWeb School Administration Software

Hello, my name is Tran Le Thao Chi (Claire) and I’m from grade 10G. As you all may know, NIVA changed its grading system from PowerSchool to RenWeb, a robust system that handles the whole learning management of the school. Since it’s still new, students just received their default username, password, and the disctrict code to access their grades. After a successful login to the RenWeb system, I’m here to give you directions to access your grades. Note that I accessed this on my laptop. I’m not sure about phones.


  1. Go to the RenWeb website. (
  2. Click Login in the top right corner
  3. Choose RenWeb ParentsWeb Login
  4. Enter the following information:
  • District Code: NI-THA
  • User Name: *your Student ID number*
  • Password: nivaschool1 (you can change it later)
  1. In the three options below, choose Students. (the middle one)
  2. Click Login
  3. Click Student Information on the column on the left
  4. In the list that drops down, choose Grades
  5. Browse between your classes in the “Select a Class” section
  6. Enjoy looking at your grades (I hope)
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NIVA Run For A Reason







Niva’s Charity Run was held at Nawamin Pirom Park on the 10th of March 2017. It started at 7:30 in the morning untill 12 noon. All the Niva students, teachers, and parents were invited to participate in our charity run. Also, by purchasing a “Run for a Reason” T-shirt, we were able to collect money for two charities in Thailand, namely “The Peace Charity Foundation” and “Foster House Ban Tab Kwang Foundation”. The purpose of the Niva Charity Run was to help charity organizations with their needs and also to enjoy the activities while making valuable memories with friends, family, and teachers. It was such a nice day and a great experience for all who came that day. I look forward to next year’s Charity Run.

By Song Lee, 8N

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Exercise Wednesdays

Morning exercising is what we do every Wednesday morning at the flag line; all students and teachers participate and have fun! People volunteer to take charge of it, they prepare the songs and dance moves, and the students follow along.

This is done so that we can have a fun time while we exercise in the morning, making us feel refreshed and ready to start the day. Students say that they had fun trying to follow the people guiding them and they enjoyed dancing with their friends.

Morning exercising adds more color to each student’s day and students and faculty agree that it makes for a more productive and enjoyable day!  -By: Punyapa Leephokanon (Angie), Grade 9N

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Once Upon A Time


Once upon a time, both grade 4 homerooms each collaborated to write their very own fairy tales with the intent to present them to lower grades. Tailoring creative characters, armed with their enthusiasm, the students visited kindergarten on February 21st.

They performed with enthusiasm, dedication and leadership, bringing home with them yet another exceptional experience, while, at the same time, leaving our little ones in kindergarten with the memory of a funny and colorful encounter. –By: Mr. Philippe Burelle

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Best in Academic Excellence

Gold Award (GPA 3.75 – 4.00)

Mary Irene Itchayatikan (Irene), Gr. 1

Baramee Wanlopbanhan (Buun), Gr. 1

Nitchakhun Khamsrikaew (PP), Gr. 1

Sean Chaleekul (Sean), Gr. 1

Krittapas Yasena (Otto), Gr. 1

Thitirat Boonserm (Pingpong), Gr. 4

Pichaya Viwatassawin (Ming), Gr. 4

Wadjanapa Itthipoowadol (Kleis), Gr. 5

Chutikarn Kanchanaat (Ujean), Gr. 6

Milin Udomsaph (Milin), Gr. 6

Parisa Charoensook (Paris), Gr. 6

Tansiri Praditphonlert (Ninja), Gr. 6

Plaifa Tachapahapong (Pei-Pei), Gr. 6

Kunapas Sumpunwetchakul (Kimnite), Gr. 6

Bipasa Pradhan (Nanu), Gr. 7

Sanjana Subrahmanya (Sanju), Gr. 7

Yixian Isaac Tan (Isaac), Gr. 7

Parit Vacharaskunee (Peter), Gr. 7

Kulchat Harnchanpanich (Kaopunn), Gr. 9

Thanita Kaninanant (Palmy), Gr. 9

Punyapa Leephokanon (Angie), Gr. 9

Ploynapas Sirinuanchonaon (Ploy), Gr. 9

Narika Pramunwong (Moma), Gr. 9

Piruda Lertdetdecha (Dada), Gr. 10

Isabelle Yitong Tan (Belle), Gr. 10


Aeron Jan De Guzman (Aeron), Gr. 10

Cyrel Clark Licardo Leano (Cyrel), Gr. 10

Natasong Yuan (Natasong), Gr. 10

Kamolchan Tongthiraj (Moon), Gr. 10

Sireeporn Laohabutr (Name), Gr. 10

Nattamon Panichakul (Petch), Gr. 10

Kanyapat Taechapeti (Mimi), Gr. 10

Karitha Kongkasai (Bonus), Gr. 11

Puvis Thongthanomkul (Saab), Gr. 11

Arina Sangphadung (Phia), Gr. 11

Nutaya Pimolsaengsuriya (Beamy), Gr. 11

Nuttavan Teevaranone (Lek), Gr. 11

Melada Lertdetdecha (Mell), Gr. 11

Chanakan Rojanapenkul (Mimi), Gr. 11

Nuz Wattananaphakaseam (Peaky), Gr. 11

Maylin Cerf Catherine (Maylin), Gr. 11

Jakob Meyer Herman (Jake), Gr. 11 

Hance Adriene Pesarillo (Hance), Gr. 11

Korawin Phagudom (Jazz), Gr. 11

Rinradee Sae Lao (Lily), Gr. 11

Atikarn Khemklad (Karn), Gr. 11

Pacharapus Khoomsyn (Tus), Gr. 12

Min Jeong Kim (Min), Gr. 12

Puttinart Krungkraipetch (Perth), Gr. 12

Somsri Dumrongruxsoontorn (Pingping), Gr. 12

Elamarie Carmel Mission (Carmel), Gr. 12

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High School Camp

This year’s High School camp was bigger, better, and more exciting than ever before!

Students grades 9-12 went to Kanchanaburi for 2 nights and 3 days of fun and adventure. Students enjoyed activities ranging from paintballing to ropes courses, and trust-building exercises and games of all sorts. All emotions were on display at camp this year; from fear to joy, students learned that camp is a roller coaster of fun. By the time everyone arrived back at NIVA on Thursday night, students and teachers alike were exhausted and elated at what was certainly the best high school camp in recent memory!

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Kicked off the New Year with baskets!

Niva Middle School Gryphons were invited to participate in KhaoYai U13 Basketball Competition. The selected squads were fortunate enough to play against challenging opponents.

During the two- day competition, the boys defeated the other teams all the way through the final. The experience helped them bring the Championship back to school on January 15 th.  

At the same time, we cannot ask the girls more for their amazing spirit and enthusiasm in each game. Both the boys and the girls showed the best sportsmanship throughout the games.


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