Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What sort of curriculum does NIVA use?

NIVA uses the Common Core curriculum from America. This robust curriculum encompasses everything a student needs to become a successful university applicant and productive member of society with 21st century skills.

Who are the NIVA accrediting bodies?

NIVA is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) which governs several American states, as well as ONESQA.

Which countries are most NIVA students from?

NIVA has a rich mix mix of students from some 30+ countries including the host nation. Our diversity is part of our strength.

What language is the instructional medium at NIVA?

NIVA is an English-only environment and we also offer several other modern languages from which our students may choose.

Which countries are NIVA teachers from?

The majority of NIVA teachers are Americans and we also have teachers representing a number of other European and Asian countries.

How many students are at NIVA?

We have 475 students currently enrolled vat NIVA and project 600 by the 2018-2019 academic year.

How is NIVA different from other international schools?

Bangkok has well over 100 international schools ensuring competitive options for parents. At NIVA we pride ourselves on focusing on 21st century skills with English being the language of instruction. Our computer and business departments lead the industry in qualifying our graduates for careers in those, and other, fields. We have a 100% University matriculation rate.

How many students are there in the average class?

The average NIVA class has about 22 students with the maximum number of 26 before classes are split.

Are students grouped in class by ability?

At NIVA we believe in individual strengths and for that reason there is no single skill set that outweighs another. Grouping is randomized to cater to our diverse student body and to allow their individual strengths to shine.

How much homework can a student expect daily?

NIVA students can expect homework and we believe that the amount of homework should be commensurate with students’ abilities.

Does NIVA offer boarding?

NIVA does not offer boarding at this time but we may expand to include this service in the future.