About Us

NIVA upholds the belief that the students are primarily most important at school. Their success means success to parents as well as the school.

 Niva IS first entered the Thai education scene in 1991 as Niva Overseas School (NOS), a private study center catering to overseas students who wanted to prepare and sit for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education examinations. This in turn led to the opening of Niva International Kindergarten (NIK) in 1999 to cater to the younger siblings of the students of NOS. By the end of 2001, the combined enrollment at NOS and NIK had reached 250 students and the decision to purchase the land where the current school now stands was made. The present school and its facilities were completed in July 2002 and Niva International School (Niva IS) opened on August, 5, 2002. Today, Niva IS serves over 350 students who come from around 25 different countries.

              Although originally a s__8388678British curriculum school, Niva IS has always incorporated American and other international elements in its program. In 2004 Niva IS submitted an American curriculum from Kindergarten through grade 12 to the Thai Ministry of Education, which is now approved allowing our students an American/International path to graduation. All subjects at Niva IS, with the exception of Thai, Chinese and modern languages, are taught in English language.  

              The name, Niva originally named for the children of the school’s founders, Nicholas and Vanisara, Niva means excellence and has come to stand for Nurturing, Innovative, Virtuous and Achieving: The hallmarks of Niva International School.