About Us

NIVA upholds the belief that the students are primarily most important at school. Their success means success to parents as well as the school.


Niva International School follows a restructured American curriculum and educational program to meet the needs of the host country and the international community of students. The American open thinking allows freedom of inclusion for innovation with valuable strands from other international curriculum to make a strong integrated curriculum. As a result, the NIVA curriculum incorporates Asian and European strands along with the main American strands to emphasize high standards, independence and choices, pragmatism, global citizenship and character development.  NIVA graduates can join any university program , whether it is of the American, British or other national and international programs. When it comes to determining what career paths our graduating students will choose, the Guidance and Counseling department provides early career and college education previews and continual guidance for our students to plan well ahead through the required and elective subject offerings as well as different tracks of study in the high school at NIVA that are typical of American schools. The guidance department also helps with admissions to colleges and universities, as well as to secure scholarships for students who have been highly motivated and successful.


Each student is unique and able to develop his or her potential in intellectual, social, physical, and moral faculties to the optimum.

Vision Statement

NIVA’s vision is to be a leading international educational institution that helps students to become responsible members of society.

Mission Statement

NIVA’s mission is to provide a holistic education that will produce able, responsible, and compassionate individuals, who upon graduation are prepared for higher education, life’s challenges and opportunities.

School Motto

Building Skills for Excellence.