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NIVA Alumni Success Stories

Sathita Amnuayskul (Chompoo), IGCSE class of 2006,

Student Government President of 2005-2006


The NIVA alumni highlight for this issue is one of our brightest graduates, Chompoo, who works as a Customer and Sales Support Specialist at Google’s regional offices in Singapore. Chompoo graduated with a degree in Bio- Nano Engineering from Chulalongkorn University and got a job at Thomson Reuters as a technical support specialist even though her university training was not in a technical field.

“Thomson Reuters looks for bright and capable people and trains them to their advantage and I was willing to take that challenge and now it is Google. I was also the SG president at NIVA when I was graduating in 2006; it was a life changing opportunity.” says Chompoo.

“Don’t limit yourself to what you know and what you learned, explore! Give yourself a chance to advance in everything that opens up for you . You never know what heights you can reach.” Quoted in her words.

From the recent trip of Mr. Anthony and Ms. Nikki  –Reported by: Marie Kishi, Senior

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World Scholars

On February 21st, we had a guest speaker Amiee Watts, representing the Scholars Cup that brings together over 20,000 students in 50 countries every year. Our goal: to inspire in young people of all backgrounds a love of learning, a confidence in new skills, and a sense of global citizenship.

Teams of students will participate in four events: Team Debate, Collaborative Writing, Scholar’s Challenge, and Scholar’s Bowl. Topics of exploration, from moonshot technology to the science (and art) of prediction, will be drawn from this year’s World Scholar’s Cup theme, An Unlikely World.

Scholars will have the chance to qualify for the 2017 Global Rounds in Hanoi, Athens, and Cape Town, and, in due course, for the annual Tournament of Champions at Yale University in the United States.

This year we will have teams of students representing Niva International School. Go Niva Go!

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Niva’s Got Talent 2017

Gifted and Talented students are anything but few and far between in the halls and classrooms of Niva International School. The school body was thrilled and amazed by the performances of Niva’s most talented students.

From the absolutely energetic band performance from Chopin, Pok, Perth, and Ford to U – Jean’s tranquil piano performance, these students proved that they are much more than what they appear to be. But the students were not the only ones who proved their worth; Mr. John’s and   Mr. Freddy’s air guitar skills surprised everyone. Mr. David stunned the crowd as the lead singer of his Grade 10 band.

First place went to Aaron’s beautifully jaw dropping piano performance. Second Place went to Ioru’s rhythmic and daring drum solo. Lastly, third place was won by the Grade 9 boy band.

Although not every performance could be considered the very best, they are nothing short of great works by talented and brilliant students. –By: Jakob Meyer Herman, Grade 11G

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Exercise Wednesdays

Morning exercising is what we do every Wednesday morning at the flag line; all students and teachers participate and have fun! People volunteer to take charge of it, they prepare the songs and dance moves, and the students follow along.

This is done so that we can have a fun time while we exercise in the morning, making us feel refreshed and ready to start the day. Students say that they had fun trying to follow the people guiding them and they enjoyed dancing with their friends.

Morning exercising adds more color to each student’s day and students and faculty agree that it makes for a more productive and enjoyable day!  -By: Punyapa Leephokanon (Angie), Grade 9N

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Powerful Youth Leadership

David Charron, a co-founder and director of impact “Powerful Youth”, believes that young people can make a difference. He has been all over the world but he was impressed with Niva in particular.

On February 21st, when asked “Who is a leader and why?”, a student answered “Me, because everyone can be a leader”.

Dave smiled and replied “Thank you”, before he began to lead the 10th and 11th Graders through a Leadership Workshop.

Through the activities, students made decisions and followed through with their plan as they worked as a team, and learned to adapt, communicate, and understand each other better.  – By: Kamolchan Tongthiraj, Grade 10N

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Music Challenge

Niva’s Dance Troupe and Pop Band partook in the “KPIS Music Challenge 2017: Singing, Band, and Dance Contest.” The contest was on Friday the 24th of February, a highly recognized music competition, which involved participation of about 20 schools around Thailand. The audience was wild with hand waves and clapping as they cheered for NIVA’s first performance.

The High School Pop Band “Diamond is Punk”, performed the song Sunday Morning by Maroon 5. After the lively band and singing contests, the dance competition began. NIVA’s dance troupe went in a “Joker” theme which tantalized the viewers with the haunting tunes and synchronized movements.

With the crowd on the edge of their seats, all the “Jokers” were killed as “Batman” emerged in the finale of the song, along with a burst of clapping and whooping from the audience.

Although NIVA did not win the challenge, it was a memorable experience and our performances made certain other schools will not forget us. –By: Natasong Yuan, Grade 10G

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Nursery & Kindergarten Field Trip

Our Nursery and Kindergarten students learned many things about sea life during their field trip to Ocean World on February 24th. Ocean World is the largest indoor ocean park in Asia and many of the sea creatures and animals from around the world are found there.

The students were privileged to experience the wonders of the sea. They also witnessed the penguin show, enjoyed a shark-feeding show, and experienced walking through a glass tunnel that was surrounded by live sharks and exotic fish.

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Once Upon A Time


Once upon a time, both grade 4 homerooms each collaborated to write their very own fairy tales with the intent to present them to lower grades. Tailoring creative characters, armed with their enthusiasm, the students visited kindergarten on February 21st.

They performed with enthusiasm, dedication and leadership, bringing home with them yet another exceptional experience, while, at the same time, leaving our little ones in kindergarten with the memory of a funny and colorful encounter. –By: Mr. Philippe Burelle

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Planning for summer….study in the UK!

Applications for Cambridge Immerse 2017 are open to students at Niva International School!

Cambridge Immerse is a unique two-week residential educational experience that allows participants to gain an unrivalled insight into a chosen discipline, ranging from the arts to the sciences. Subjects offered include Computer Science, Medicine, Law, Economics, History and Engineering and many more.

The academic programme is designed and taught by tutors from Oxford University and Cambridge University in an optimal learning environment that stimulates academic enquiry. And the carefully planned schedule ensures that the programme not only meets the academic needs of the participants, but also provides a unique insight into the university city through an abundance of activities. And the good news, scholarships are available for Niva students!!

For more information, please see Mr. Jason in the Guidance Office!