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Nursery & Kindergarten Field Trip

Our Nursery and Kindergarten students learned many things about sea life during their field trip to Ocean World on February 24th. Ocean World is the largest indoor ocean park in Asia and many of the sea creatures and animals from around the world are found there.

The students were privileged to experience the wonders of the sea. They also witnessed the penguin show, enjoyed a shark-feeding show, and experienced walking through a glass tunnel that was surrounded by live sharks and exotic fish.

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Once Upon A Time


Once upon a time, both grade 4 homerooms each collaborated to write their very own fairy tales with the intent to present them to lower grades. Tailoring creative characters, armed with their enthusiasm, the students visited kindergarten on February 21st.

They performed with enthusiasm, dedication and leadership, bringing home with them yet another exceptional experience, while, at the same time, leaving our little ones in kindergarten with the memory of a funny and colorful encounter. –By: Mr. Philippe Burelle

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Planning for summer….study in the UK!

Applications for Cambridge Immerse 2017 are open to students at Niva International School!

Cambridge Immerse is a unique two-week residential educational experience that allows participants to gain an unrivalled insight into a chosen discipline, ranging from the arts to the sciences. Subjects offered include Computer Science, Medicine, Law, Economics, History and Engineering and many more.

The academic programme is designed and taught by tutors from Oxford University and Cambridge University in an optimal learning environment that stimulates academic enquiry. And the carefully planned schedule ensures that the programme not only meets the academic needs of the participants, but also provides a unique insight into the university city through an abundance of activities. And the good news, scholarships are available for Niva students!!

For more information, please see Mr. Jason in the Guidance Office!

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Best in Academic Excellence

Gold Award (GPA 3.75 – 4.00)

Mary Irene Itchayatikan (Irene), Gr. 1

Baramee Wanlopbanhan (Buun), Gr. 1

Nitchakhun Khamsrikaew (PP), Gr. 1

Sean Chaleekul (Sean), Gr. 1

Krittapas Yasena (Otto), Gr. 1

Thitirat Boonserm (Pingpong), Gr. 4

Pichaya Viwatassawin (Ming), Gr. 4

Wadjanapa Itthipoowadol (Kleis), Gr. 5

Chutikarn Kanchanaat (Ujean), Gr. 6

Milin Udomsaph (Milin), Gr. 6

Parisa Charoensook (Paris), Gr. 6

Tansiri Praditphonlert (Ninja), Gr. 6

Plaifa Tachapahapong (Pei-Pei), Gr. 6

Kunapas Sumpunwetchakul (Kimnite), Gr. 6

Bipasa Pradhan (Nanu), Gr. 7

Sanjana Subrahmanya (Sanju), Gr. 7

Yixian Isaac Tan (Isaac), Gr. 7

Parit Vacharaskunee (Peter), Gr. 7

Kulchat Harnchanpanich (Kaopunn), Gr. 9

Thanita Kaninanant (Palmy), Gr. 9

Punyapa Leephokanon (Angie), Gr. 9

Ploynapas Sirinuanchonaon (Ploy), Gr. 9

Narika Pramunwong (Moma), Gr. 9

Piruda Lertdetdecha (Dada), Gr. 10

Isabelle Yitong Tan (Belle), Gr. 10


Aeron Jan De Guzman (Aeron), Gr. 10

Cyrel Clark Licardo Leano (Cyrel), Gr. 10

Natasong Yuan (Natasong), Gr. 10

Kamolchan Tongthiraj (Moon), Gr. 10

Sireeporn Laohabutr (Name), Gr. 10

Nattamon Panichakul (Petch), Gr. 10

Kanyapat Taechapeti (Mimi), Gr. 10

Karitha Kongkasai (Bonus), Gr. 11

Puvis Thongthanomkul (Saab), Gr. 11

Arina Sangphadung (Phia), Gr. 11

Nutaya Pimolsaengsuriya (Beamy), Gr. 11

Nuttavan Teevaranone (Lek), Gr. 11

Melada Lertdetdecha (Mell), Gr. 11

Chanakan Rojanapenkul (Mimi), Gr. 11

Nuz Wattananaphakaseam (Peaky), Gr. 11

Maylin Cerf Catherine (Maylin), Gr. 11

Jakob Meyer Herman (Jake), Gr. 11 

Hance Adriene Pesarillo (Hance), Gr. 11

Korawin Phagudom (Jazz), Gr. 11

Rinradee Sae Lao (Lily), Gr. 11

Atikarn Khemklad (Karn), Gr. 11

Pacharapus Khoomsyn (Tus), Gr. 12

Min Jeong Kim (Min), Gr. 12

Puttinart Krungkraipetch (Perth), Gr. 12

Somsri Dumrongruxsoontorn (Pingping), Gr. 12

Elamarie Carmel Mission (Carmel), Gr. 12

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love for your fellow friends. This year’s Valentine’s Day was nothing short of a spectacular celebration of love. Grade 11 handed out slips of paper so that students may request songs to be sung to their special valentines along with beautiful roses and delicious treats that were provided by Grade 12. Grade 11 had the honor to travel from class to class to sing the requested songs to each valentine.

Their performances carried smiles everywhere they went. While eating their lunches, students were serenaded with amazing performances from Earth, Bond, Bonus, Oliver, Carmel, Make, Pok, Diamond, and Ioru. May next year’s Valentine’s Day be just as amazing! –By: Jakob Meyer Herman, Grade 11G

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Cultural Field Trip

This was the first cultural field trip in NIVA and is very important to teachers and students. Students go there and study and learn about Thai culture. The Field trip was held on February 7. This day, students who received a GPA higher than 3.75 received a reward to go on a cultural trip. The Thai cultural event was located at Chandrakasem Rajabhat University.

Students learned about the different types of food that King Rama 9 loved to eat, including the variety of spices and flavors. They also learned how fabric is decorated.

Mrs. Garshashbi informed us about the  Thai culture, while Mr. Freddy helped and supervised the students. The students followed the instructor from the beginning until the end. After the tour, all the students returned to the school. At that time, weasked some students to share their opinions about the trip. And they said, “This was a good experience and I want to go again!!”

This field trip was successful for all students who went on the field trip, especially the foreigners who weren’t familiar with Thai culture. –By Hyeok Jin Choe (Timmy), Grade 11N

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School Internet Doubled

Because of the high demand of online resources for education, the school needed a solution to meet the requirements of a modern classroom where students are able to access materials

for research, extra learning, and project ideas. Many of the resources today are in the form of interactive media and videos. The elementary classrooms each have a smart TV where the teacher can access a sea of information through the internet. In order to meet those needs, the I.T. Department requested an upgrade in our internet speed.

Now, our students can access online resources with ease as we have doubled our internet fiber optic line from 50 mbps to 100 mbps speed.

The next step in the coming months is to install more access points in the classrooms so that more students will be able to simultaneously access the internet with ease.

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Camp for Grades 1-3

On February 3-4, 2017, students from Grades 1-3 of Niva arrived at Charliena Resort, Nakon Pathom, to enjoy their two days and one night camp. Charliena is surrounded by nature, varying from a lotus pond, orchid garden, and endless rows of trees along its perimeter.

When asked about the elementary students of Niva, Ms. Vanna, the resort manager, was pleased. “Teachers took great care of the kids, every child was always within their eyesight and in one big group. Also, and the kids remained within the limits that teachers had set  for them.”

There, the kids visited Chulalongkorn University’s Museum of Natural History, enjoyed the activities arranged by teachers at the resort, and visited a cow farm before heading back. –By: Kamolchan Tongthiraj (Moon), Grade 10N

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The I.T. and Support Help Desk is our first student driven in-house work education program. It is located next to the store on the first floor. The students will be available to offer their services to those in the school who require assistance with technical issues such as:
  • Computer related problems
  • Program installation
  • Internet assistance or issues
  • Virus removal
  • Basic hardware and software troubleshooting
  • Google apps assistance
  • Email assistance

Please support our students and drop by with any issues you may have.

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Kindergarten Chinese New Year Arts and Crafts

This year the Kindergarten students had a blast celebrating Chinese New Year!

The students began the celebration by making red roosters out of paper cups and red construction paper….it was so cool. Ms. Tang oriented the students with the animal this year and Ms. Fang made sure the roosters could make clucking sounds!

After making the Year of the Rooster items, students sang Chinese songs and danced in their classrooms. At the end Ms. June read all the children a Chinese story-KG students said it was the best Chinese New Year ever!!!