NIVA International school is Thailand’s premier American school committed to individual success.

NIVA International School is a K-12 American co-educational school established in September 1991 and is licensed to operate as an international school by the Ministry of Education of Thailand. It is a member of the International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT), the International Schools Athletic Association (ISAA) of Thailand, and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), CA.,  USA.

Our School Philosophy

Each individual is unique and able to develop his or her intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual faculties to their full potential.

Our Mission Statement

NIVA international School’s mission is to provide a 21st century, Knowledge-and-skills-based, education that produces capable and responsible individuals

Our Vision Statement

NIVA International School’s vision is to educate, mold, and guide our students to their success as responsible members of society.

Our Curriculum

NIVA International School follows the American National Common Core curriculum and our educational program incorporating both the needs of the host country, as well as NIVA’s international community of students. The American curricular perspective allows for freedom of inclusion while emphasizing the application of student’s individual needs as well as their creative and critical thinking skills.  As a result, the NIVA curriculum is designed to achieve high standards of career education goals, English language proficiency,  technological capability and business knowledge necessary for all careers as the cornerstones of our educational programming.  NIVA’s graduation requirements are rigorous in terms of international standards of education and students are able to apply to any university program, be it American or otherwise, and can expect to be received with open arms.

When it comes to determining the career paths of our graduating students, the Guidance Department provides early career and college education pathways, as well as continual personal guidance for our students to transition smoothly into their university careers effectively by planning their required core and elective subject selections. The Guidance Department also helps with pastoral care, as well as helping students to secure scholarships when applicable.

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