NIVA American International school is Thailand’s premier American school committed to individual success.

NIVA American International School first entered the Thai education scene in 1991 as Niva Overseas School (NOS) catering to overseas students who wanted to prepare and take the International General Certificate of Secondary Education examinations to qualify for admission to higher education in Thailand and overseas. Within eight years, NOS had grown considerably to a student population of approximately 200 students,

Niva International Kindergarten (NIK) opened in 1999 to cater to the younger siblings of the students of NOS. By the end of 2001, the combined enrollment at NOS and NIK had reached 270 students and the decision to purchase the land where the current school now stands was made. The present school and its facilities were completed in July 2002 and NIVA International School officially opened for operation on August 5, 2002. Today, NIVA IS serves over 450 students who come from approximately 20-30 different countries. All subjects at NIVA International School, with the exception of Thai, Chinese and modern languages, are taught in the English language.

In the year 2004, to formalize NIVA International School as a comprehensive basic education school, the administration submitted an American curriculum to be considered by the Thai Ministry of Education. The curriculum was approved allowing our students a K-12, American/International path to graduation.  To date, 100% of all NIVA graduates enter college/university education of their choice in Thailand and overseas, and many of them have received full scholarships to study in USA, England, Australia, Netherlands, Japan, China, and Thailand.

The name NIVA originally came from the initials of the children, Nicholas and Vanisara, of the school’s founders, Mr. Nathan Anthony and Penjit Prasertwanich Anthony. Today NIVA is synonymous with excellence, and has come to stand for Nurturing, Innovative, Virtuous and Achieving; the hallmarks of NIVA International School.


Each individual is unique and able to develop his or her intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual faculties to their full potential.

Mission Statement

NIVA international Schools mission is to provide a 21st century, Knowledge-and-skills-based, education that produces capable and responsible individuals

Vision Statement

NIVA International School’s vision is to educate, mold, and guide our students to their success as responsible members of society.

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