Nursery & Kindergarten

A fun and purpose built room for all the ‘Little People’

The kindergarten life of a child is indeed one of the most important stages of development. Major character and learning qualities that are formed during these years remain for the most part of one’s life.

Play, the major aspect of the child’s experience at nursery school, is truly the child’s work.
Children are naturally motivated to observe, to investigate and to learn as they “play.” The NIVA nursery teachers set the stage for the children to intellectually engage in a variety of play for learning activities. Through planned creative play in art, music, movement, touching, smelling, feeling, seeing, and doing, children gain confidence with their environment and their own abilities. Through these opportunities to practice they develop their skills. Besides play, the NIVA Nursery teaches a variety of pre-reading skills to make them love books and reading; water play, outdoor activities, eating nourishing food, and having adequate sleep and rest is also part of the nursery program. This all-inclusive nurturing environment develops children to be confident and alert as they grow intellectually, emotionally and socially positive.