Nataporn Techaphangam

  • 9 years at NIVA: Class of 2004
  • Communication Arts – Advertising, Assumption University
  • Internship at TNN24
  • Sales Director at Somphol Bedding & Mattress Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Manufacturer and distributor of Springmate and Senetel Mattresses and Beddings, and Distributor of Cabeau, Parker & Morgan, Robbe & Berking
“Without the English foundation that NIVA had laid for me, my company will not be where we are today. As a director, I deal with both customers and partners. Being able to not just speak, but speak professionally has allowed me to gain the trust I enjoy today. On top of that, I am proud to say that NIVA provided courses from which the skills I learned are still used everyday.”
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