Achieving the standard in the prevention of COVID-19 in the school.

💖NIVA American International School has been recognized by The Department of Health and Ministry of Public Health for achieving the standards of safety and cleanliness in the school. NIVA has been keeping a strict standard in the prevention of COVID-19 by daily cleaning of the school and implementing safety protocols for students and employees, such as social distance, wearing masks, and other safety measures. The following is a list of our recognition:

💖Control measures

1. Clean the facilities in common contact areas both before and after use.

2. All employees and customers are required to wear a cloth mask or surgical face mask at all times inside the campus.

3. Having soap and hand washing service points, or hand sanitizer stations.

4. There is control of the number of people at a time to avoid crowding by limiting the number of people according to the size of the area and maintaining social distance of at least 1 meter.

5. There are measures to screen people who enter the school (customers, businesses, service personnel) before entering the campus. People with fever, cough or cold are prohibited to enter the campus.

6. Provides good indoor ventilation. If using air conditioners, it is cleaned regularly.

7. There is a proper disposal of waste on a daily basis.

8. Required registration before entering and leaving the campus with a QR code designated by the government or writing the name in the log book.