An American Education in the Heart of Bangkok

Sending your child to an international school, whether you are an expat or Thai national looking to give your child a chance to study abroad and maybe eventually work for a large multinational institution, is an exciting but daunting prospect. First, there is the quality of education to consider. NIVA American International School follows the American curriculum, a hallmark of education worldwide. From our nursery and kindergarten classes, right through to elementary, middle, and high school, students are able to receive a complete education that promotes active learning and encourages them to follow their passions.

Another thing we all consider when choosing the right school is cost. Lets take a look at what sets NIVA American International School apart from the many schools in Bangkok.


Our first goal as a school when we established ourselves 30 years ago was to better the opportunities for children of expats and Thai nationals through quality education. Part of this ethos centered on fair pricing. At less than THB 400,000 per year, which includes lunches, learning resources, and activities, learners are given an American standard of education at a fraction of comparable institutes in the US, Europe, and many other parts of the world.

As we are aware, every situation is different. NIVA offers a range of plans when it comes to tuition fees. You can pay upfront or utilize one of our payment plans and spread the cost over the year. There are 3 payment plan options available. Please contact us if you would like to hear more about these plans. The freedom to pay fees over time as opposed to one single payment is a testament to our belief that good education should be more accessible. Although good schooling will always come at a financial cost, we prioritize quality education over profit.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a blow to us all. We are not willing to allow children that would have otherwise had a good education to suffer due to the financial impact on economies and, by extension, parents. As such, NIVA American International School has a special discount of 50% off admissions during this time.

The last few years have been particularly hard on children that have missed out on face-to-face education and precious social interactions with their peers. It is vital to make up for that lost time. At NIVA, we are well placed to help with this, thanks to our authentic and theme-based learning ethos. These learning styles allow children to use the world around them and their interactions to learn. Children are naturally curious about things around them. It is how we all learned when we were growing up. We foster that thirst for knowledge and allow our students to control their own learning through activities, high-quality resources, and much more.

The American Curriculum in Bangkok

NIVA American International School follows the American curriculum. Worldwide, we see either the British or American curriculum being used. There are undoubtedly huge advantages and similarities to both curriculums. As with many international interactions and standardizations, we believe the American curriculum sets students up to achieve everything they want, wherever they are.

The American curriculum encourages creativity and openness. This allows students to follow and learn what they feel most passionate about while linking these things to core subjects, thanks to our authentic learning style. Rather than learning only for the sake of tests, the American curriculum allows free-thinking and problem-solving skills to blossom as children constantly interact with each other and the world around them. Our 7-rai campus offers opportunities to take learning into many different parts of life, from outdoor activities to high-quality, purpose-built facilities. Our curriculum also fosters an openness to try new things, something that is crucial for young learners and high school students alike. The feeling children get when they are enrolled at NIVA American International School is one of community. The campus is set out perfectly for children to feel at home when they learn. Since students can enroll from nursery right through to kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school, NIVA can feel like a natural home of learning, somewhere they are excited to go to every day, and somewhere they feel confident and safe.

More information about NIVA American International School is available on our website or from our dedicated staff. Feel free to call us for more information on facilities, resources, and more. We certainly recommend you take a tour of our campus to see the learning experience of our students, first-hand.

So whether you are looking for a lifetime education or the ability to switch seamlessly to a new school when the time comes to move to a new city, NIVA American International School is the perfect place to learn.