Assistant Registrar

Position: Assistant Registrar
Starting Date: ASAP
Reports To: Registrar
Department: Administration Office

Position Details and Responsibilities

Documents and Database

  • Handles the issuance process for certification documents, e.g. transcripts, certifying letters, etc. through retrieving the student’s information from the computer database, printing by using the School’s format, and submitting to the principal/admin to authorize in order to provide students with certification documents for contacting with external parties.
  • Prepares cumulative files for new students through filling application documents given by the Admission Committee in prepared folders, filing the folders in the cabinet by grades and registration numbers, and following up on missing documents from students in order to facilitate the retrieval process and ensure the availability of the student’s documents.
  • Keeps student records by updating the grade level, address, and concerned information, filing the progress report given by each section, and removing out-of-date documents in order to ensure the availability of the student’s documents.
  • Keeps computerized student records by entering new students’ information, updating grade levels, addresses, and test results, and printing registration forms for students in order to provide up-to-date students’ information.

Academic Support

  • Assists the academic registrar with course planning and scheduling, pre-registration subjects (including subject loads & teacher loads & resources)
  • Prepare a draft for the academic calendar

School Program

  • Makes the after-school class forms for the teachers and students.
  • Follows up on students’ attendance in specific programs.

General Duties

  • Prepares the documents requested by the teachers and students.
  • Follows up with the parents regarding the teacher’s concern
  • Inputs community service hours on the student support system.
  • To undertake filing, faxing, laminating, photocopying, making appointments, sending documents & information, and reprographic work as required.
  • Joins/translates parent-teacher meetings.
  • Attends the school training, seminar, activities, and meetings.
  • Performs other related duties of a similar type and at a similar level.