Nursery and Kindergarten Teacher

Position: Nursery and Kindergarten Teacher

Starting Date: ASAP

Report To: Head of School / Nursery and Kindergarten Principal

Department: Nursery and Kindergarten

General Description
Nursery and Kindergarten Teacher will lead, inspire, and promote student learning. Additionally, he/she should have experience with collaborative curriculum designs and be well versed in unit development using backward planning. He/she will collaborate with department team members, school leaders, and the curriculum coordinator to ensure that instruction meets the needs of each student.

Position Details and Responsibilities
• Teach, manage and monitor young children in a classroom environment.
• Plan, create, prepare, evaluate and assign lessons, based on the school curriculum, US curriculum.
• Grades paper and perform other administrative teaching-related duties if required.
• Maintain grade books.
• Implement learning-through-playing techniques in class.
• Develop incentives to keep participants in class.
• Encourage creativity in students.
• Utilize various teaching and curriculum resources.
• Keep record of teaching materials, students’ progress and outcomes in portfolios.
• Coordinate with the Head of Kindergarten to ensure the learning goals and objectives are met.
• Communicate with parents or guardians about their child’s academic and overall improvement.
• Be responsible for children’s welling and safety and manage their behaviors in a classroom.
• Attends the school trainings, seminar, activities, and meetings.
• Performs other duties as assigned.