Subject Teacher

Position: Subject Teacher

Starting Date: Ongoing Availability

Reports To: Department Head / Principal

Department: ES / MS / HS

General Description
The Subject Teacher is responsible to the immediate supervisors in curriculum delivery and classroom management. Subject teachers are responsible to the Registrar and to the homeroom Teacher in reporting students’ quarter and semester grades. Additions or changes of duties will be discussed with the Director and the Principal for Academic Administration and amended accordingly.

Position Details and Responsibilities
• Prepare a course outline for each of their subjects and provide copies to the Level head, WASC office and the Principal for Academic Administration.
• Prepare their daily lesson plans.
• Compile a folder of emergency lesson plans and appropriate work for all their classes in the event that they do not arrive at school or are unable to send plans.
• Participate in Staff Development Seminars and share those experiences with colleagues as appropriate.
• Encourage students’ active participation in learning.
• Establish positive learning environments.
• Compile portfolios of student work along with appropriate directions and grading rubrics, and student quiz or test papers. If these are not going to be recycled.
• Regularly assess student progress according to set goals.
• Keep an accurate record of student work, scores and grades and call the attention of each student to his/her performance.
• Submit grades to the Homeroom Teacher on the assigned date. Submit grades along with the answer keys to the Registrar on the assigned date.
• Assist the Homeroom Teacher during flag line up and other school meetings (ex.: chapels).
• Attends the school trainings, seminar, activities, and meetings.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Classroom Management
Management of learning the teacher should aim to:
• Integrate the school’s Expected School wide Learning Results (SSLRs) in the class objectives, goals or concepts and implement them in the student’s learning process.
• Communicate in writing to the parents when students do not meet the goal of the subject.

Position Details and Responsibilities
• Give careful consideration to what is possible for the students to achieve.
• Teach students how to organize knowledge and to present their work appropriately.
• Build on students’ prior knowledge.
• Regularly evaluate teaching strategies in relation to student progress and set goals and identify learning difficulties so that appropriate help can be given.

Qualifications and Attributes
• Bachelor’s Degree in Education or equivalent.
• At least 1 year experience in teaching.
• Teaching license is preferred.
• Child’s protection and safety training if preferred.
• Passionate about educating children.
• Be able to maintain creativity and friendliness in inspiring children’s learning and attention.
• Flexible and cooperative with school activities and events.
• Excellent command of English; native speaker or equivalent.
• Proficient in using Google Suite and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).