How to get the most out of Book Fairs

book fair at NIVA

Take advantage of Book Fairs in your school

Books fairs are great. It's an amazing way to get your children interested in school. At NIVA, we hold book fairs once or twice a year. Many book vendors want to promote their books and educational material at schools and it is a great way to support your local vendor while also giving opportunities for students to discover new resources. Children often get interested in the books that they can relate too. A lot of popular books children are attracted to relate to their experiences. Smaller kids like to read book versions of their favorite cartoon, such as Disney characters, anime, superheroes, and adventure cartoons. Older kids are more interested in novels and comics. From our last few fairs, a rising popularity in KPop memorabilia were the craze among the girls and elementary students.

book fair

On Monday and Tuesday, November 23-24, 2020, NIVA will hold it's annual book fair for the students. On that Monday, the elementary school will also have a Storytelling Contest at the Heisler Hall. The students will showcase their storytelling skills. We will post the pictures and video later. During the book fair, the students will see many books, toys and activity workbooks. To get the most of the book fair, here are:

5 Ways to Help Your Child Have a Wonderful Book Fair Experience

Here are some tips on how to let your child have a meaningful experience in the book fair.

  1. Money to give to your child – books range from 200 baht to 800 baht depending on the size and kind. See what kind of books your child are basically interested in and give enough money for them to be able to purchase a book. In the event the money is not enough, you can talk to their homeroom teacher beforehand to aid and assist your child in buying books.
  2. Set parameters in buying books – set some rules for your child to follow. Let’s say you tell them that they must buy at least 1 book. They can buy more if their budget allows. The book fair is usually loaded with small toys, posters, journals, notepads, and well, junk. Talk to your child ahead of time about these products. Be sure they are not spending all their money on something useless.
  3. Managing leftover money – if your child has received change, make sure you let them bring it back to you. Teach them simple money management skills so that they don’t waste their money. You can organize your child’s money and put them in a small envelope of bag with your child’s name and the amount inside. That way, vendors can also assist small children.
  4. Shop after them – another way to get the best deal is to ask your children to tell you what books they like and then buy them the next day of the fair. This will prevent students from overspending.
  5. Shop online – many of the vendors that come to the school have an online shop nowadays. You can contact the vendor ahead of time and reserve the book that you want for your child and then have them pick it up during the book fair. This will help the children by letting them take home a book from the fair without the worry of their spending.

I hope you all have a great experience in the coming book fairs and as always, you can contact us here for any questions and concerns.