NIVA’s Got Talent Elementary Division 2020

Selected students from the elementary department showed off their talents in NIVA's Got Talent 2020

This year, because of the COVID-19 situation, the elementary students had a virtual talent show at the Heisler Hall here at School. Only the performers were in the hall and the performances are posted here online for their classes and parents to see. In the past, NIVA"s Got Talent was a part of NIVA's tradition to identify students with amazing talents. Some of our students in the past who have joined the NIVA's Got Talent went on to take it on a professional level as singers and performers. This year we saw a lot of great talent and we always want to encourage our students to continue to strive for excellence. Here is the list of performers and the videos of each performance.

NIVA's Got Talent 2020

1. Suttha Chuengsatiensup - Drum Solo Performance

Ujay gave a solo drum performance accompanying the hit song, "Closer", by The Chainsmokers (Featuring Halsey). Ujay has been playing drums since grade 2 and has improved each year. You could feel his sense of rhythm as he listened closely to the song and followed with each beat.

Click to see his performance HERE

2. Alfred Mavee Baybay - Solo Violin Performance

Mavee rendered a solo violin performance with the beloved piece, Ode to Joy, by Ludwig Van Beethoven. Mavee is still in the 1st grade, but you can see that he has a sense of musicality and timing when playing. He showed a great deal of concentration and passion as he played the piece in his violin.

Click to see his performance HERE.

3. Praiya Han and Irene Itchayatikun - Chinese Dance Performance

Praiya and Irene performed a beautiful Chinese dance with a famous Chinese pop song by Mangzhong. They came dressed in a traditional attire and gracefully waved their fans in the air in sync with the music.

Click to see their performance HERE.

4. Jieana Lexi de Guzman - Solo Piano Performance

It takes courage to play a piece by yourself on stage, but for Iana, she confidently played the piano with a medley of Canon in D and Seek Ye First in a gorgeous arrangement for piano. Iana showed confidence and it's evident that she has took time to practice her piece diligently to bring out an outstanding performance.

Click to see her performance HERE.

5. Alle Myre Baybay - Solo Violin Performance

Alle showed her excellent skills in the violin with a tune from the Suzuki Violin School, "Hunter's Chorus". Alle showed more advanced techniques through her skills and performed with confidence, thus gaining the adoration from the judges and granting her the first place this year. Congratulations, Alle!

Click to see her performance HERE.

6. Tawich Chounont - Solo Vocal Performance

It was a joy to see Bee sing on stage with his beautiful high voice to the song, Dance Monkey, by Tones and I. At the middle of the performance, he surprised us by taking out a small monkey stuffed toy while singing the lyrics, "Dance for me, dance for me..." The performance was a "breath of fresh air" for us watching.

Click to see his performance HERE.

7. Pakkanpapas Chueakaew, Thamonwan Fu, Thananpat Pairogkittavorn, and Anyapun Rerkpattanapipat - Group Gymnastics Performance

A new spin to Blackpink's hit song, "How You Like That", combined hip hop with gymnastics as the girls danced and performed a series of splits, bending and cartwheels to the catchy beat. They took our attention with the phrase, "Look at look at me."

Click to see their performance HERE.

After the judges tallied the scores, the winners were as follows:

  1. First Place: Alle Myre Baybay
  2. Second Place: The Gymnastics Team
  3. Third Place: Jieana Lexi de Guzman

Congratulation to everyone who won and a good job to everyone who joined. See you again next year.

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