Parent Orientation 2022

When: Tuesday, July 19, 2022


ECE: 8:30 – 11:00
Elementary: 10:30-13:00
Secondary: 12:30-15:00

Where: Heisler Hall, NIVA American International School


From wherever you have joined us, we warmly welcome you to the NIVA community. We’re passionate about helping you reach your potential and aim to support you to thrive and succeed in both your personal and academic endeavors.

Orientation is the time to get prepared for your studies, meet the key people at your Campus, get to know other families and familiarize yourself with the Campus and its facilities. There will be information about the academic program, support services available to assist learning and personal journey, staying healthy and making the most of the school life.

So as you start the new school year, we encourage your attendance and active involvement during the Orientation program and wish you every success with your child’s studies as you start the new school year.

Who is the orientation for?

New parents and students will benefit from all the new information about the school and be aware of all the policies that are implemented for the benefits of the students. 

Our existing parents will know the new changes at school and will also give them the chance to get their questions answered by our school administrators. 

Tasks to Complete

(Receives, distributes the Niva tote bag and usher the parents)
  1) School Calendar,
  2) Class schedule,
  3) ID card,
  4) Vaccination consent form,
  5) PDPA Consent form

(Payment of school fees)
*For parents who need to pay for School Fee only
If the payment has already been done, please proceed to Station 3.

Orientation and meet with Head of School and Level Division Senior Assistants and Coordinators

Renweb Account Information Update

Fill in, sign, and submit the forms:

  1. The Consent Form for vaccination
  2. PDPA Consent Form

Uniform Fitting & Pre-order AND Stationary Pick-up

Parents return the completed checklist to the Front Office. 

Orientation Schedule

8.30 – 8:55Reception /
School Fee Payment
Front Officer/
Finance Dept
9.00 – 10.00Parent orientationLevel Division Senior Assistant
10:00 – 10:30Renweb updateRegistrar team
10:30 – 11:00Uniform pre-order / stationery pick-upNIVA Mart personnel
10:30 – 10:55 Reception /
School Fee Payment
Front Officer/
Finance Dept
11.00 – 12.00Parent orientationLevel Division Senior Assistant
12.00 – 12.30Renweb updateRegistrar team
12:30 – 13:00Uniform pre-order / stationery pick-upNIVA Mart personnel
12:30 – 12:55 Reception /
School Fee Payment
Front Officer/
Finance Dept
13.00 – 14.00Parent orientationLevel Division Senior Assistant
14.00 – 14.30Renweb updateRegistrar team
14:30 – 15:00Uniform pre-order / stationery pick-upNIVA Mart personnel

For more information, please call the registrar at: 085-480-1218 or email: [email protected]