Summer Program

The summer program at NIVA are short courses that are available for our NIVA students and also to surrounding Thai schools during their semester break and summer break. We offer short course three times a year on October, March, and June.


October Break Program:

The October Program is a short three-week course to students from the Thai schools who have a semester break. The program is an immersion type class where students get a taste of international education. It also helps them get familiar with the English language as they learn with our regular students and where our students help support with the English language.


March Immersion Program:

Thai schools end their school year by this time and their students want to go and spend their summer break by learning English. NIVA offers an immersion type program to help the students accelerate their English by mixing in with the regular students. By immersing themselves, they are able to adapt to a new concept of learning and are opened other types of learning styles. There are also special activities during this time where the students can participate and enjoy.


June Summer Program:

International schools have a long break from June to July and this is used as remedial time for students who have struggled with some subjects over the course of the year. We offer this as an opportunity for students to catch up and remedy their grades from the subjects they had difficulty with. Other special courses are also offered for those interested in advancing their skills such as, music, art, sports, and language.