Support Programs

Intensive English (IE)

The Intensive English Program (IE) at NIVA American International School is designed to help students with little or no English language skills to gain enough English language ability to join the mainstream classrooms. The program is mandated for students who score below 40% on their admissions test, regular classes after admission or exhibit other serious academic problems making achievement in mainstream classes difficult.

English Language Development (ELD)

Accepts students whose level of proficiency in English is below grade level expectations to its English Language Development program and supports them through our Intensive English and Language Support programs to maintain the high standard in English from acquisition to mastery.

After School Program

After School Private or Group Tuition
Another option is after-school English Language Development through on-on-one or small group tuition until sufficient skills have been attained to function in the mainstream classes. These are paid classes as they fall after teachers’ working hours. The tuition rates are available in the registrar’s and finance offices.

Classes available are:
1. English, Maths, Science, Social Studies
2. Most secondary subjects
3. Chinese, Japanese, Thai and other languages
4. Piano and organ, string instruments, vocal classes
5. Swimming, basketball, football and sports