Health & Safety Policies


Health Monitoring

  1. All persons with a temperature of 37.5C or higher,  signs of a cold, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, or any possible illness will not be allowed in the school. 
  2. Students’ temperature will be checked daily in the homeroom. Any student with a temperature of 37.5C and above, or symptoms such as runny nose, coughing, etc., should be immediately sent to the school nurse for evaluation. 
  3. Any student, teacher, or staff found to be having any symptoms of illness during the time at school will be asked to go home immediately.
  4. Any student, teacher, or staff who has fallen ill will be required to submit a medical clearance prior to being allowed to return to the school.

Social/Physical Distancing

  1. Markers/stickers for social distancing are placed in strategic areas around the school. 
  2. Tables, chairs, and desks have been rearranged to facilitate social distancing. 
  3. Partitions on tables have been installed in the cafeteria and offices. 
  4. Supervision/floor markers in the bookstore will be in place to limit the number of students within at any given time (especially during lunchtime) and to facilitate social distancing.
  5. High school student volunteers can earn community service hours by helping to facilitate social distancing during the morning, lunch, and afternoon supervision times.


  1. The number of students per classroom is limited to break-out rooms.
  2. Desks should be arranged with appropriate physical distancing.
  3. Hand sanitizers, temperature check devices, and air filters are provided in all the classrooms.
  4. Windows are to be opened for 10 minutes between classes, and regular handwashing is scheduled throughout the day.
  5. General classroom supplies are separated into individual trays and regularly disinfected.


  1. The swimming pool will be closed, and there will be no swimming classes until further notice.
  2. Playgrounds, the soccer field, and the basketball court are open and will have social distancing supervision.
  3. Upgraded partitions on tables will be installed in the cafeteria.
  4. The library will be open for a limited number of students and with proper social distancing.
  5. The school store and book room will limit the number of users while maintaining social distance.
  6. The Heisler Hall will be used as a classroom if needed, especially for combined classes where the total number of students is more than 21. 
  7. Cleaning and sanitizing of all school facilities and equipment will be done regularly.


  1. Students using the school vans are required to observe social distancing.
  2. School vans are cleaned and disinfected twice daily.
  3. Extra vans will be used to lower the number of students per van. 
  4. Students and drivers must wear masks at all times while inside the vans.
  5. Students will have their temperature checked before boarding the vans.
  6. Van drivers will have their masks and temperature checked by security guards before being allowed to pick up students.

Food services

  1. Lunch and snack times will follow a strict schedule.
  2. For kindergarten students, meals will be held in their own canteen with partitions.
  3. All snacks during breaks will be wrapped individually for elementary and kindergarten students.
  4. Students will practice social distancing during lunchtime.
  5. Only kitchen staff will serve plates and food to students and staff in the canteen lunch line. 
  6. Two separate lines for queuing will be available on both sides of the cafeteria.

Note: High-touch items, such as door handles, push-buttons, desks, chairs, water fountains, banisters, reception counters, top-up, and playground equipment, are disinfected multiple times a day by housekeeping staff.


Admissions and School Tours

  1. All tours will be by appointment only.
  2. All visitors must comply with the health and safety procedures and policies prior to entry, upon entry, and while on campus.
  3. The number of those joining school tours at any given time will be small.


  1. No athletics/sports events or any other activity requiring close physical contact and a gathering of a significant number of students/teachers may take place.
  2. The PE curriculum will be adjusted for the rest of the academic year. 
  3. Homeroom teachers will train students on evacuation, lockdown, and emergency drills in lieu of actual drills.
  4. Performing arts/music activities will be modified to eliminate any chance where students may be in close physical contact, engaged in physical activity (e.g., dancing), sing, or play instruments. Physical distancing will be closely monitored, and the use of a bigger space is recommended.


  1. All members of the school community are strongly advised to refrain from traveling, especially to high-risk areas or public places.
  2. No out-of-school activities/field trips will be organized until further notice. 
  3. Those who have been in contact with COVID-19, must complete the mandatory 14-day self-quarantine and be cleared of any COVID-19-related health concerns before returning to the school.