Our Ethos

Holistic Education

The education at NIVA American focuses on the whole person, holistic and authentic, different from the traditional rote learning method or all-examination-focused strategies. All knowledge and skills development and achievements are taken into consideration for evaluating the student.

Inspired by the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s holistic education philosophy that aims to harmoniously foster the development of the intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual faculties to the optimum, our goal is to create future individuals and leaders who are globally competent in their knowledge, critical thinking skills, problem solving ability, creativity, community mindedness, integrity, responsibility, accountability, and care for our environment. The learners’ environment is supported through a safe, healthy, nurturing, challenging, and progressive environment. 

It is important to the NIVA American faculty and staff that our students are knowledgeable, capable, healthy, ethical, confident, responsible, and compassionate as well as be successful in what they design for themselves, make positive contributions to society, and live healthily and happily.

In the spiritual realm, we emphasize integrity, honesty, positivity, and respect for each other, humanity, our environment, and the world we all live in reflecting our full commitment to international education and global citizenship.

We employ the following progressive, proven pedagogies:


Theme-based Learning

to joyfully stimulate and enable young persons to naturally observe, understand, and learn a wide range of skills through diverse naturally existing themes;


Standard-based Learning

that uses an advanced, highly detailed evaluation technique to foster and gauge our students’ academic growth to be at par or higher in comparison to their peers around the world.


Authentic Learning

that helps our students learn through real-life practices, collaboration, systematic and logical thinking, deliberation, and problem-solving. The learning is proposed to connect what students are taught in school to real-world issues, problems, and applications.

Our Strengths


NIVA American imbues our students with planning, organizing, leading and delivering skills,  confidence, patience, compassion, cooperation, collaboration, empathy, and to freely express their thoughts, to listen to others, and to take responsibility for themselves, their communities, and the world we share.


We build a strong foundation for entrepreneurship for our students through our Business Career Preparation courses that prepare our students to transform their career skills to businesses whenever they are ready. They learn through a variety of hands-on real life activities, such as planning, financing, creating, marketing, selling, doing accounts.


In our intentionally diverse community, our students learn to understand, respect, and appreciate the value and strength of diversity and realize that they can all self-actualize and succeed on the global stage by recognizing humanity as one deserving equality of respect, recognition, treatment, opportunity and equity.


NIVA American is a member of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), an organization that offers evidence-based professional learning, virtual coaching, and year-round courses to support educators in learning and applying effective strategies for the transformational use of technology. 

ISTE membership connects educators, leaders, and experts who are energized by the impact technology has on learning. Members can build skills, connect, and create with peers, and participate as content creators.

ISTE also helps educators connect with knowledgeable peers to share best practices, solve problems, and collaborate in designing new teaching methods and learning models.



NIVA American International School is granted by the California Department of Education to use the California Curriculum Frameworks and Standards (K-12) in alignment with common core standards and benchmarks.

We use the Authentic Learning Strategy for teaching and learning where teaching-learning reflects what the students would need in their real life at the current time. All learning activities, knowledge, and skills promoted are necessary and important to successful and productive lives in this world. NIVA concentrates on higher education admissions requirements, course choices for career skills, and the twenty-first-century life skills to blend successfully and excel in this information and technological world.