Support & Guidance

English Language Development (ELD) Program

Students who transfer from Thai and overseas national schools as well as the English Program and Bilingual Program Thai school whose level of proficiency in English is below grade level expectations are required to join the English Language Development (ELD) program that will allow them to take more English classes for them to improve their English proficiency. 

High School students are not accepted to the Intensive English Program.

After-School Private or Group Classes

Students experiencing academic challenges are first helped through teacher support during and after school as needed. Regular one-on-one or small group classes after school can also be arranged for them to be at par with class averages or above. After-school tuition is additionally charged to pay the teachers.

Students can take private or group tuition for any subject offered at school.

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Guidance & Counseling

Counseling helps students explore their career interests and preparation for college admissions for their chosen fields of study. The counseling department members help students with academic, career, personal, social, and emotional difficulties. The department cares and supports students to cope with the many aspects of growing up, school life, future plans, college and career choices, obtaining university scholarships as well as dealing with their personal, peers, and family circumstances.

NIVA American has a full-time guidance counselor and a chaplain who are supported by team members from different level divisions of the school. The guidance program is designed to address the needs of students at all stages of their school life, from their first day at NIVA American to their graduation for their holistic development in the intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual faculties.  

All students will meet the guidance counselor and administrators periodically over the course of the school year.

Educational Counseling

Addresses the following areas:

  1. Selection of academic courses for college education and career planning
  2. Meeting academic and graduation requirements
  3. Academic intervention
  4. Managing time, self-motivation, and study skills

Community Service and Work Education

Plays an important role in molding NIVA students to become community and global minded citizens. The program gives our students the advantage to know what constitutes the real world of life and work, besides  building an excellent resume for their college and university admissions.

University and Career Counseling

Assists Grades 9-12 students with decision-making for their career choices.

Goal-setting, university application planning, and processes, time management, standardized testing, visiting universities, decision-making, strengthening leadership skills, mock interviews, personal statement workshop, and compilation of relevant information and experiences into a personal resume.

Social/Personal Counseling

Provides a safe space and open-door policy for our students to address their social, emotional, peer, and family concerns. They learn how to deal with their personal issues, make decisions, and resolve and mediate conflicts. In exceptional cases, the students may be referred to outside organizations for additional support.