Nursery & Kindergarten

NIVA American Nursery and Kindergarten provide a nurturing environment that advocates learning and promotes children’s holistic developmental needs through a balanced curriculum.

Students are encouraged to understand their place in the world and introduced to the basics of English and Thai literacy, numeracy, everyday science, social awareness, hands-on tasks, character development, and positive social interactions. They learn through play, arts, music, practical activities, and socializing. In addition, they get to experience the creative magic of music and art and strengthen their body through physical development activities.

We provide a nurturing environment that advocates learning and promotes children’s holistic developmental needs through a balanced curriculum.


Lessons are fun and relatable for students as they learn real-world lessons while they discover new things through a planned theme for each learning unit, students are able to master concepts as the lessons are integrated and all areas of the curriculum are connected.
They are able to express themselves through creative activities like painting, drawing, interactive games, or dressing up. They become immersed in the lessons as the classes follow the theme and are conducted in varied ways – circle time, centers or learning stations, reading corner, show and tell, storytime, music and movement, and more.

Students have hands-on activities and they enjoy playing in an organized environment. Learning that is facilitated through the senses – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic – allows different types of learners to develop individual skills and interests.

Subject Areas


English Language Arts

inspire our young learners with the love for reading and develop their listening, reading, writing, structure, and speaking skills to express themselves in English. Combined with the mastery of phonics and letter print, our students prepare for elementary school upon graduating from Kindergarten 3.



enhances our students’ basic mathematical and numerical skills. Critical thinking through shapes, colors, designs, numbers, and patterns are developed as they participate in activities using different manipulatives.



develops our young learners’ understanding and knowledge of themselves and their own body as well as their environment of living and nonliving things, and components of the earth. Children are exposed to simple investigations using their senses and taught to ask questions and communicate their thoughts and observations.


Social Studies

develops our students’ basic knowledge about themselves, others, and the community. The students also learn to appreciate the importance of other people, including family members, and friends.


Thai Language and Culture

enables our students to perceive the world through the context of Thai culture and fosters their effective communication and self-expression in Thai.


Physical Education (PE) and Health

helps construct our young learners’ knowledge through physical exercise and movement and sports.