True to our firm belief in the value and strength of diversity, our teaching staff have been meticulously recruited based on their skills, personality, experience, and qualification with no regard for their race, sex, gender, nationality, nor ethnicity. This practice has imbued in our students the belief that we all can realise our full potential and succeed on the global stage whether in life or career-wise no matter where we come from.


Snacks: We provide healthy snacks, such as pastries and milk, daily during the morning break. A wider variety of snacks can be purchased from the School Shop during breaks.

Our Lunch is buffet-style and cooked by our in-house chefs. Our rich, nutritious buffets comprise of Thai dishes, western dishes, and various dishes from around the world.


Online and IT Tools

Our online and IT tools accelerate the learning of the students and prepare them for the world that we live in today. With rich resources, students are able to tackle real-world problems and are able to solve them with the aid of technology.