About NIVA


NIVA American International School was established in 1991 to honor God as The Creator of all things and to serve all children as gifts from God deserving equality of love, rights, and opportunities.

NIVA American International School is founded on the educational philosophy of the SDA Church, and is led by the leadership of NIVA International Church, which is a member of Thailand Adventist Mission.

At NIVA American, your child will receive a holistic education that:

  • Will develop the intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual faculties to the optimum in an effort to develop the whole person.
  • Will teach integrity in all things that:
  • Respects all people as equals and respect their diversity
  • respects all living things: animals, birds, fishes, as well as all forms of vegetation that God has provided for our companionship, consumption and utilization, and protection.
  • respects our Earth as our living home and care and protects our environment: the mountains, valleys, rivers, seas, and oceans.

School Curriculum 

NIVA American International School is granted by the California Department of Education to use the California Curriculum Frameworks and Standards (K-12) in alignment with common core standards and benchmarks.

A safe, friendly and family environment  

NIVA American International School is a family friendly school that maintains a high standard of education in a safe environment.  As an American education institution, it provides the students many ways to focus on their uniqueness and creativity to learn through practical applications, flexibility of choices, research, solving problems, and experiencing the world and its advancements through information technology. NIVA students are trained to benefit from the opportunity to study in the best American, Eastern and Western universities. NIVA is known for its high standard and strong student support. NIVA students are taught by experienced and qualified teachers from around the world, reflecting our full commitment to international education and global citizenship. 

The Authentic Learning Model 

NIVA American uses the Authentic Learning Strategy for teaching and learning where teaching-learning reflects what the students would need in their real life for the current time. All learning activities, knowledge and skills promoted are necessary and important to successful and productive lives in this world. NIVA concentrates on higher education admissions requirements, course choices for career skills and the twenty-first-century life skills to blend successfully and excel in this information and technological world. 

The Founding Orientation

NIVA considers every person a unique gift from God and all students are treated equally irrespective of their age, gender, race, nationality, and religion. NIVA provides a high standard of holistic education that develops the intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual faculties to the optimum. 


NIVA was first established in September 1991 as a private co-educational school that used the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) philosophy of education named NIVA Overseas School (NOS) when there were only six international schools in Thailand at that time. NOS restricted its admissions to international students and overseas Thai students. In August 1997, NIVA extended its operation by opening NIVA International Kindergarten (NIK). Five years later, in 2002, NOS and NIK were merged and relocated to the present site as NIVA International School. In 2018 after providing American-based education for fifteen years, the school was rebranded and the name was changed to NIVA American International School.


The name “NIVA” was coined from the first two letters of Nicholas and Vanisara, the children of the school’s founders. The current meaning of “NIVA” stands for Nurturing, Innovative, Virtuous, and Achieving: the hallmarks of NIVA American International School.


NIVA is committed to providing a vigorous and effective learning experience targeting excellence through continuous improvement.

  • The nurturing environment that promotes positive learning and behavior.
  • Our meticulously selected qualified teachers are trained to work with students like caring friends, and maintain high expectations.
  • Whatever your children want to be in their future we do our best to help them and many of our graduates are highly successful.
  • All our subject departments; English, Thai, mathematics, sciences, business, social studies, art, music and PE and sports are of high standard. We transform our students to be confident, talented and responsible.
  • We use the common core curriculum. Our students can competently study in any major universities from around the world. We also offer the American Advanced (AP) classes and help our students with SAT and TOEFL.
  • If we accept your child, we are committed to make them succeed.
  • Our students are happy, warm, friendly, respectful, responsible and competitive and high achieving. They speak English when on campus.

School Statements


Each individual is unique and able to optimize his or her emotional, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual faculties to their full potential.Note: The spiritual faculty here refers to integrity in all things, responsibility, equality, respect for diversity and humanity, love, compassion, care for each other, mindfulness, our environment and our world.


NIVA American International School’s vision is to inspire every student to aim high, to be highly successful and to live with integrity.


NIVA American International School’s mission is to provide a rigorous program of education and student activities  in an effort for them to actualize their life’s goals as responsible members of the global society.

School Motto

Building Skills for Excellence!

Schoolwide Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

NIVA students upon graduation will be:

Effective Communicators:

  • Who speak, read, write and use English, and other languages, confidently to express their thoughts and ideas.
  • Who use art, music, sports, technology and other creative platforms to express themselves and to impact others.

Prepared for Higher Education and Career Goals:

  • Who will prepare themselves with the right combination of subjects and skills for their career and life’s aspirations.

Effective Users of Technology:

  • Who are able to use technological innovations for their personal, career, business and community advancements.

Knowledgeable in modern business:

  • Who is able to use their understanding of business to thrive in the modern world.
  • Who are able to transition their passions, talents, skills and careers into viable businesses.

Valuable members of society:

  • By exercising integrity and responsibility in all facets of life
  • By respecting diversity, humanity and our environment
  • By exercising rights responsibly
  • By striving to be positive

School Strengths

  1. Holistic Education - developing the whole child in all aspects.
  2. Authentic Learning Model - creating an experience as close to real world situations.
  3. Business Career Preparation - developing business mindset and experience for success in business fields.
  4. Leadership - leadership class to develop future leaders.