About us


NIVA American International School (NIVA) was established 30 years ago in Soi 101 on Ladprao Road, Bangkok, as NIVA Overseas School (NOS), one of only seven international schools operating in Thailand at the time. Our initial goal was to assist children of expatriates living in Thailand and Thai students returning home from abroad in preparing for and passing the British IGCSE external examinations and enabling them to enroll in universities both in Thailand and overseas.

The Campus in 2002

We expanded our academic offering in 1995 by opening NIVA International Kindergarten (NIK) in Soi 13 in Soi Ladprao 101. Seven years later NOS and NIK were combined under the name NIVA International School and moved to our current campus.


After adopting the American curriculum for the first time in 2004

NIVA’s high standard of international education was confirmed with the accreditations from Thailand’s Ministry of Education and United States’ Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) in 2010.

Three years later NIVA was renamed as NIVA American International School to reaffirm our belief in the American education system.


Our Belief and

Founded in 1991, NIVA American International School (NIVA American) offers a vigorous education in a student-centered nurturing environment that uses California's Common Core State Standards (CCSS) as the main platform from Nursery to Grade 12. The CCSS is combined with other selected curriculums from around the world to meet the needs of our student community.

NIVA American was established to provide a holistic education inspired by the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s global education philosophy that aims to harmoniously develop its students intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our goal is to create future leaders founded on integrity using effective and nourishing learning systems and pedagogies in a conscientious, safe, healthy, and progressive environment where creativity, individuality, respect, diversity, equality, and environmental sustainability are actively promoted.



NIVA is committed to providing a vigorous and effective learning experience targeting excellence through continuous improvement.


The philosophy of NIVA is that each individual is unique and able to optimize his or her emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual faculties to their full potential.


The vision of NIVA is to inspire every student to aim high and live successfully with integrity.


The mission is to provide a rigorous program of education and student activities in an effort for them to actualize their life goals as responsible members of the global society.


Building Skills for Excellence


Our Milestones


NIVA Overseas School (NOS) is founded to help children of expatriates living in Thailand and Thai students returning home from abroad preparing for the British IGCSEs.




NIVA International Kindergarten (NIK) opens to cater to younger students.




The combined number of students at NOS and NIK reaches 250, necessitating a new, bigger campus




The new seven-rai campus in Soi 101 on Ladprao Road is ready for both NOS and NIK to move in and be combined as NIVA International School in August.




NIVA adopts the American Curriculum.




NIVA gets accredited by Thailand’s Ministry of Education and the United States’ Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)



With the addition of the second building, we celebrate our 20th anniversary.




NIVA rebrands itself as NIVA American International School.




Implementation of online classes and extra health and safety measures commences in April due to the COVID-19 pandemic.




NIVA American International School celebrated its 30th anniversary in September.




NIVA American International School was granted accreditation for another 6 years from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).





English-speaking, nurturing, dynamic, and progressive environment that promotes positive learning and behavior.



Our meticulously selected teachers are professionally qualified and trained to work with students in a student-friendly setting that encourages a strong responsibility and accountability for learning and for them to succeed on their own terms and according to their unique talents and passions.



All our subject departments target international standards. Our graduates benefit from California's Common Core curriculum, Pre-AP, and American Advanced Placement (AP) courses as well as the SAT and IELTS training that we offer to enable them to succeed in their applications to major universities worldwide.



Our community is happy, warm, friendly, diverse, and respectful with a collaborative yet competitive culture that supports and values high achievements and individuality. Our students grow up mature, confident, responsible, and capable, and into talented ethical leaders and team players.


Our Alumni

Without the foundation in English literacy that NIVA laid for me, I would not be where I am today. University Undergraduate: ABAC, Thailand


Nataporn Techaphangam
Class of 2004
Director, Somphol Bedding
and Mattress Industry Co., Ltd.

Our Alumni

Studying at NIVA changed my life by giving me two essential skills: English proficiency and critical thinking. With these skills in hand, I won full scholarships from universities in Japan and graduated a Valedictorian. Post graduation, I spent a year interning at WPP Group, one of the world’s largest advertising companies, in Japan, from whom I also subsequently received a job offer. University Undergraduate: Waseda University, Japan


Jidapa Prayoonrat
Class of 2008
Marketing Director, Double Pine Co., Ltd.

Our Alumni

Being a pilot, teamwork is a core skill that is needed to be effective. In fact, it was a part of the test in the pre-pilot selection process. At this particular point, I remembered how NIVA had taught me life-essential skills to prepare for my pre-pilot selection. Student-led activities, such as the prom, taught me to prioritize tasks and work within a limited span of time. I still use these essential skills in my everyday life as a pilot.


Harit Phromphol
Class of 2007

Our Alumni

University Undergraduate: Kasetsart University, Thailand Postgraduate: University of Queensland, Australia


Shanuntorn Sangpunyaruk
Class of 2005
General Manager,
Hope for Handicapped Recruitment Co., Ltd.

Our Alumni

University Undergraduate: ABAC, Thailand Postgraduate: Kasetsart University, Thailand


Sathita Amnuayskul
Class of 2006
Support Specialist at Google

Our Alumni

Full Golf Scholarship at Grand Canyon University, Arizona, USA


Siripatsorn Patchana
Class of 2017
Professional Golfer

Our Alumni

Hello! I’m Niva and I’m from the Class of 2012. Presently, I am a 2nd year PhD candidate in Japan and I have NIVA to thank for for helping me get to where I am today. NIVA has given me a strong command over the English language, the confidence to take on the world and most of all, an open mind to welcoming new information at any age. During my time at NIVA, I always had a wonderful time in class with some of the best teachers who nurtured us into becoming smart, strong, life-long learners. One of my favorite memories involved my friends, teachers and I learning and laughing in class discussing everyone’s ideas together as well as preparing for shows and occasional events as a team. In addition to the enjoyable classes and teachers, NIVA also created a safe environment for everyone to express themselves and grow into their best versions to tackle on the real world. NIVA International School is abundant in opportunities for a child to grow and prepare for the future and I am grateful to every single one of my teachers, staff and Mr. Anthony for always guiding and supporting me at NIVA and for shaping me into the person I am today. University Undergraduate: Mahidol University International College, Thailand Postgraduate: University of Yamanashi, Japan


Niva Sthapit
Class of 2012
PhD candidate

Our Alumni

English communication and art are the essential skills I received from NIVA. I found that being fluent in English speaking provided more opportunities and connections between various nations worldwide to learn about other cultures. These skills built up the path for my career to have a chance to study Master's Degree at the Tokyo Institution of Technology. NIVA had also allowed me to follow and explore my passion for art and design, prepared me to create my work to be independent and outstanding. University Undergraduate: Chulalongkorn University, Thailand Postgraduate: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan


Ping Toedsukbodee
Class of 2012
Senior Architect, BBP Premier

Our Alumni

My time in NIVA was unforgettable, not only with what I’ve gained in terms of academics but it also shaped me into who I become today. Preparing young individuals with strong foundation in all aspects, everytime I look back, I can still feel how tough it was. NIVA taught me how to be strongly independent and at the same time how to be a good team player. It might look completely opposite but both are what we need in real life. You have to choose wisely on which role you are going to play upon each situation you are in. Apart from English proficiency that NIVA provided through its curriculum and international environment, NIVA also cultivated me with these three essential skills: critical thinking, decision making and analytical skills through events, activities, and sports. I was a basketball player when I was in high school, my team members and I had to work hard together both physically and mentally on how to defeat competitors. Sometimes, I had to make a sharp-immediate decision in order to win or lose within 10 seconds. That’s how I’ve been taught to think fast and to make a tough decision under pressure. It is undeniable that NIVA is part of who I am today. As an entrepreneur, mentioned skills are the fundamental leading to path to success. Without them, it would have been more difficult for me on the route. Sincerely thanks to NIVA faculties, staff and friends. University Undergraduate: Mahidol University International College, Thailand Postgraduate: Imperial College London, UK


Chalita Moongwiwat
Class of 2012
CEO, Penta Innotec Co., Ltd.

Our Alumni

During my days at NIVA International School, NIVA has given me more than just academic, but also hands-on experiences, endless support, and meaningful relationships. Those key pillars have led the way to my future path and helped shape me into who I am now. With such a close-knitted community, NIVA enabled me to participate and get involved in various school activities. The opportunities were limitless, from being a class president, a part of the school government, a varsity basketball player, a violinist in the NIVA ensemble, and many more. I truly appreciated how I was challenged to discover and strive for my skills and full potential. Along my journey at NIVA, I was able to freely experiment different things without fear, knowing that I would have the biggest support system that NIVA offered. Teachers, staff, classmates, peers, and community were always there to step in and help whenever they could. Because of that, I’ve formed and created so many meaningful relationships and beautiful memories with the teachers, staff, and peers which I do cherish very much. I still keep in touch with my more-than-10-year group of friends, my classmates and peers, and the community as our lives enter different chapters. As of today, I help run my family business in education (EdTech & school development) as a second generation. My NIVA experiences definitely have great influences on what education should be like as I do understand and am able to relate to schools, teachers, and students. NIVA has prepared me with leadership and sportsmanship skills, such significant skills to have in today’s professional world. I’m very grateful that NIVA has provided me with more opportunities than I’ve imagined and molded me into the best version that I could be. University Undergraduate: University of Toronto, Canada  


Siriya Mitsattha
Class of 2012
Chief Strategy & Operations Officer,
Genesis MediaCom Co., Ltd.

Our Alumni

University Undergraduate: Chulalongkorn University, Thailand Postgraduate: Washington University, St. Louis, USA


Charles Tantakool
Class of 2009
Private Wealth Advisor,
DBS Vicker Security

Our Alumni

Anak Paolo Kanokvichitra (Graduate of 2008) My time at NIVA International School Walking back memory lane there are so many memories I want to relive. Growing up in a close community where everyone knew each other and every teacher pretty much knew every student was a blessing - we were one big family. Accomplishments were very much acknowledged and supported by teachers and fellow students. I remember playing in a few sports teams like basketball and volleyball; teachers and students would cheer us on against bigger teams when we hosted home games and tournaments. The ambience and the moments of scoring a point or being victorious was something I still relive till today. I enjoyed the closeness and relationship everyone had with one another. Everyone had their role but yet bonded together as a single unit. Whether it be in sports or school activities these memories of togetherness made me belonged and in turn created other memories I still very much keep close to my heart. With the support and appreciation shown by faculty to students they made sure all students were on par with extra curricular activities and their academics. Hence, balancing everything was an essential lesson I was taught throughout my school years. Competitive (in a good way) was also bestowed onto me. I became competitive not only amongst my class but striving to be the best version of myself in a wider pool or teenagers my age back then. Today as my career has moved forward I face all sorts of competitiveness, changes and obstacles; I take that drive for excellence and success to excel at my career and my field. All the things I learnt in school are foundations, inspirations, social skills, character building, etc in order to find my purpose in life. The purpose I needed to know what direction I needed to go to and what I needed to pursue. I took every experience, lesson, failure, accomplishment and advice I had from middle school to high school to secure the path I was to take for university. Which later all helped in building who I am as a person, father, friend, entrepreneur, boss and hopefully a role mode to someone. University Undergraduate: Monash University, Australia Postgraduate: Monash University, Melbourne Australia


Anak Kanokvichitra
Class of 2008
Managing Director, Phantip 1970 Co., Ltd.