NIVA Kindergarten “New Normal” Outdoor Graduation Ceremony 2021


NIVA’s holds its first Outdoor Graduation Ceremony

Written by: Chatcha Wongngoen

For the first time, due to COVID-19 situation, our NIVA Kindergarten Department organized its first outdoor graduation ceremony for the graduates of Kindergarten 3. Because of the strict safety measurements required by the government, instead of having a traditional ceremony where parents and staff were usually packed in the single assembly hall, the outdoor graduation ceremony allowed fresh air and cool wind breeze flowing through, ventilating the risk of the virus infection.

A nature-friendly environment also allows the atmosphere of the ceremony to become more relaxing for everyone, with large trees giving shade to stay cool, beautiful pink and purple themed flower decorations, and the famous graduation melody playing in the background, the ceremony breathed new life into a refreshing program. 

The safety measurements to ensure that the ceremony is virus free.

To ensure that the ceremony was truly virus-free, the graduation system was organized following very strict protocols. Every ten minutes, only a single family was allowed to enter and walk the aisle to prevent the number of people in the ceremony. Like a drive-thru, each family came with their graduate to walk down the aisle, receive their diploma and certificate, take a ton of pictures and receive their graduation gift and snacks boxes from the school before leaving. With fewer people in the ceremony, the risk of virus spreading has been prevented.

Other safety services were also provided at the entrance of the ceremony: hand sanitizers, temperature checks, first aid kit box, and a professional nurse who is on stand-by at all times in case unfortunate events may happen. Everything was thoroughly thought out and prepared to ensure that the ceremony would run as smoothly and safely as possible.

The first “taste of success” for our little graduates

While each student marched towards the front where their beloved teachers were holding their diploma, the student’s achievements were announced proudly while marching down the aisle. Some students were great scientists, best athletes, born-to-be singers, or even excellent listeners to their classmates. With all these achievements attained during their time in Kindergarten, we truly believe that our students would grow up to become something special as adults.

Before saying their goodbye’s, Ms. Charity and Ms. Cara wished each student all the best for their future in becoming an elementary student. Even though they will see each other at the school, with a chuckle here and there, some shed a tear or two because the teachers and students shared wonderful memories during their time in the kindergarten. 

Graduation Ceremony 2021