Middle School

The middle school is the next step in the educational transition from elementary school. Students will experience a pre-high school life as they start to take subjects that will prepare them for the next level. They will be involved in the secondary activities and will also be given leadership roles in the student government to help them get a taste of what the older kids are doing. They will learn from the older students, but will still function as a separate department to help them transition smoothly from the elementary to high school. This is a critical period for the child as their bodies change during puberty and the school makes sure that they are able to cope up with studies and also in the social and emotional aspects of their lives.

Science Project

Model United Nations

  • NIVA has a nurturing environment that promotes positive learning and behavior.
  • Our meticulously selected and qualified teachers are trained to work with students like caring parents while maintaining high expectations.
  • Whatever your children want to be in the future, we do our best to help them reach their dreams just like many of our graduates who are highly successful.
  • All our subject departments: English, Thai, mathematics, sciences, business, social studies, art, music and PE and sports are of high standards. We transform our students to be confident, talented and responsible.
  • With our contextualized common core curriculum and benchmarked best practices, our students can competently study in any major universities around the world. Furthermore, we offer AP classes plus the SAT and TOEFL preps.
  • NIVA takes seriously the safety of your children as the number 1 top priority. Once we accept your children, we are committed to do our level best to make them successful.


At NIVA students are happy, warm, friendly, respectful, responsible and competitive with high achievement and expectations of themselves. They are encouraged and expected to speak English at all times on campus!