Why is location so important when choosing the perfect school?

Built on a 7-rai area of peaceful land away from the main roads yet still conveniently placed a short ride from a BTS station, NIVA American International School is the perfect place for children to enjoy a balanced education.

One of the first things we look for when finding a school for our children is the quality of education. NIVA American International School follows the Common Core State Standards based on the California curriculum. This means each and every student, from kindergarten right through to high school, is given an education that is recognized worldwide. Thus ensuring whatever happens next, whether it be in Thailand or abroad, the next step of your child’s education will integrate seamlessly. Our AP courses in high school give the edge for students to apply for scholarships in any university around the world. It is our equivalent to the International Baccalaureate® (IB) System. 

But with a plethora of international schools in Bangkok, we must address a simple question; why NIVA?

NIVA American International School places focus on each student as a whole individual. Rather than those traditions of exam focused learning, we consider the skills, knowledge, and interests of all of our students. We believe this holistic approach allows students to unlock their true potential and actually enjoy learning. We base our Holistic Education on the Authentic Learning Model. Each of the sections are divided into a concentrated learning style. For Kindergarten, we have the Theme-based learning. For elementary, we use the Discovery-based learning. Middle school uses the Skills-based learning and High School finishes off with our Mastery-based learning where Leadership is the main focus. These experiences, however, are not possible without the right facilities. Let’s take a look at what facilities our school offers.

At 11,200 sqm or 7 rai, there is a lot of space for our buildings and outdoor areas. Our belief that students learn better by doing and experiencing real-life situations is evident in the spaces we have created for them. With 3 major buildings and a multitude of outdoor areas, students are given the space and resources to grow as individuals.

Our sports facilities include a mini football field, a multi-purpose double-sized basketball court, a swimming pool, and a badminton court, among others. Sports promotes so many positive facets for children in kindergarten and elementary school, right through to middle school and high school. There are, of course, physical and health benefits, but sport can also be crucial when it comes to teamwork and problem-solving too. Some of the most important times in young children’s lives come from achieving something special, with friends, as a team.

Some students don’t care much for sporting activities, but if we consider the previous points about sport, we can put the same virtues on music and performance arts. After all, if there is anything we can use to equate sports and performing arts, it is creativity and expression of self.

Our top-class music and performing arts facilities and faculty are there to nurture artistic talent with regular group activities and recitals taking place.

Another highly important factor when choosing a school, especially in a busy city such as Bangkok, is location.

The importance of a school’s location is often undervalued, especially in large cities. Safety is, of course, one of the first things that comes to mind. Having young learners close to busy roads is a clear worry for many parents. What is sometimes overlooked, though, is the benefits of a quiet area that children feel almost at home in, an area they feel like is their own to explore and learn in. Having large outdoor areas, nestled in a quiet neighborhood, allows active learning experiences for NIVA students. This might be much more complicated in heavily built-up areas with little outdoor space.

Our campus is conveniently located in the Bangkapi area of Bangkok. Still within easy reach of the city and its many neighborhoods, the location offers a quiet and safe place for children to learn. As we are close to an expressway, picking up and dropping off the students is made easier. We also have private minivans for before and after school that operate to and from Ladprao, Minburi, Ramindra, Nonthaburi, Rachadapisek, Rangsit, and Pathumthani, meaning vast coverage for safe and comfortable travel to and from school each day. As we are close to the BTS line, students living in busy areas do not need to worry about morning traffic, which can drain energy before school has even begun.

The Bangkapi area itself offers great experiences for our high-school students that may like to spend a little bit of time with friends after school before heading home. The Mall Bangkapi offers amusements and arcades, food, and shopping options. Central Festival Eastville, The Crystal Park, and The Walk are also conveniently located near the school between the Ekamai-Ramindra Road (Pradit Manutham Road). When children feel happy and secure in the school and its surroundings, learning becomes natural. They look forward to going to school and the experiences that come with it.

All of these factors and more have been carefully thought of at NIVA American International School, so if you are thinking of the perfect school for your child to grow and learn, contact us today for more information on our ethos, faculty and facilities.

At NIVA American International School, we believe learning is so much more than just the classroom.